We believe three things determine whether or not what we are doing is time well spent in our lives.

If you agree with part or all, we might be a good fit for you.

Number 1.

Big Dreams.

Our mission is a big dream.

It is to complete the experience of virtual coaching, where you can learn from an expert anywhere, kinda like how you can listen to your favorite singer anywhere.

What does that mean?

Today, if you wanted to play tennis, you would either find a local tennis coach or watch YouTube.

Why wouldn’t you choose to learn from the best tennis experts in the world?

Going to them is hard to do and expensive.

With virtual learning from YouTube, although instruction can be great, you don’t know what you’re doing right or wrong. That isn’t an effective learning environment.

So, you settle for what you can get locally, which may be good or it might not be good. Often when it isn’t good, you think it is your lack of talent that is the cause.

That is completely false.

With great teaching in a great learning environment, you can do much more than you imagine.

Our wearable and game make this happen. For the first time in history, they complete a virtual coaching experience.

Which leads to the deeper part of the big dream.

When people are exposed to exceptional teaching, in the proper environment, they have opportunity to create results beyond what they ever thought possible.

This opening of people’s belief in themselves, this is our purpose.

It drives the big dream, like any great purpose does.

Number 2.


Grit is sustained effort over time.

In one form or another, our team has spent our lives on this purpose, on manifesting its impact through earned expertise.

This specific project has years of work in it.

The question of whether we believe in this project, whether we possess grit, has come and gone.

We are undeniably committed.


We never predicted the impact of NFTs, and, admittedly, like most of us, are new to web 3.

The unique attributes of web 3 only magnify the likelihood of success, and the potential of overall impact for those we serve.

Simply put, the ability to incentivize people to come to practice and to incentivize performance, using tokens which have real value, is powerful for the end users and for the platform growth factors.

Number 3.


Getting past the first two things, in determining whether it is smart to invest our most valuable resource, time, begs the question:

Can we do this?

Members of our team have led 3 different billion dollar products, from beginning through launch.

One has coached world champions in over ten different sports, and had similar successes in many others.

One has published 300 scientific papers in domains relevant to our success.

And, one has 25 years of CPA experience in emerging technology.

The unique capabilities required to get to this transition point.

Preparing to launch the game.

The wearable.

The token.

And, business ecosystem.

Our team has proven worthiness, overcoming a very difficult problem that has never been solved, which has an enormous market to serve.

It would be easy to take advantage of what we’ve created and turn it into a gimmick — a pump and dump, that makes a lot of money in the short term without adding meaningful, sustained value.

The thing is — doing it the right way makes it much more valuable in the marketplace. That is especially true in this project.

To commemorate the transition point in our roadmap, we are offering 55 founder edition NFTs, which include 55 founder edition wearables attached.

These are for like-minded individuals who appreciate the value of business for a meaningful purpose, aiming to create something great.

65 founder edition wearables will be made.

55 go to the founder edition NFT buyers.

10 go to the founding team.

You will have a rare item.

The NFT also holds the same utility as our upcoming larger NFT drop. This includes free NFTs, free tokens, and other unique perks, and what may be the most attractive long term.

Owning white list spots for future releases of sport stars’ NFTs containing the movement data of their shots, kicks, punches, and throws. This motion data comes from our wearable and is represented visually in an avatar.

The NFT can be used for trading, for virtual coaching, and in games.

Details can be found on our website pina- nft.com.

We believe three things determine whether or not what we are doing is time well spent in our lives.

Big dream.



Life well spent.

Join us on the journey, as we put a dent in the universe.



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